smart regulatory repository

  • Access the most comprehensive regulatory database available

  • Locate and identify licenses holders, applicants and open application windows

  • Search and filter to quickly identify relevant rules and other topics, whether at the federal, state or local level

  • Automatic alerts of regulatory change

  • Organize workflow to incorporate regulations, industry standards and your organization’s policies

With interactive charts, graphs and customizable reports

Weekly and Daily in-depth news alerts and analysis

Allows you to focus on growing your business by providing information on regulatory trends, regulatory expectations and market best practices:

  • Understand how changing regulations will impact your business including sales and operating costs. We analyze new legislation, rules, interpretive guidance and enforcement actions for you.

  • We provide suggestions on how to make your that regulators consider your best interests when drafting or changing regulations

  • We provide you with market best practices that can be used to succeed in regulatory inspections and annual renewal processes

  • We keep you informed on the enforcement priorities and level of fines

Online compliance technology

  • Create centralized and electronic repository of compliance records

  • Out of the box compliance tools that can be completed using an IPAD or IPhone, and help you to mitigate operational and compliance risk

  • Automatically schedule compliance reviews and attestations

  • Workflow process to track compliance tasks and deadlines

  • Electronically track issues to resolution

  • Map operating procedures to pre-loaded regulatory obligations- instant traceability for regulators

  • Test design and effectiveness of controls with out-of-the box test scripts

  • Understand the state of your compliance at a glance

Virtual Compliance Officer

  • Whether they’re aware of it or not, every company is in the business of compliance. Today, the cannabis industry must comply with an increasingly complex and interconnected regulatory environment that includes employment law, data privacy, food and safety, environmental, zoning, and local business ordinances. Hiring compliance talent that can manage this level of complexity is an expensive commitment that may not align with your strategy. This is where we come in. By helping clients to reduce costs, protect income and provide exceptional customer service - we empower companies to achieve their objectives.  

  • Services include:

    • Creation and maintenance of customized operating procedures

    • Control testing, including mock examinations

    • Side-by-side assistance with you during regulatory exams

    • Offer recommended controls for new regulatory requirements and design test scripts

Regulatory and compliance Consulting

Our consultants possess in-depth knowledge of the latest Cannabis compliance issues, laws and developments. They know how to develop actionable strategies for new and existing business, and for identifying gaps. These strategies, coupled with their consulting proficiency, allow them to generate a competitive advantage for clients.

Due Diligence

  • We provide due diligence services for business buyers and private placement agents.

Process Development / Operating Procedures

  • The regulatory landscape, and the focus of enforcement agencies are constantly shifting, and the volume and complexity of regulations keeps growing. We provide processes, operating procedures and compliance solutions tailored to your business to better leverage your resources.


  • We provide interactive and engaging training for your entire team. Most importantly, we help them to apply their lessons effectively. Training ensures compliance, reduces risk, and improves the culture of compliance.

Licensing / Business Changes

  • We can help you with your license, whether you're starting a business or have an existing one. You need help to determine which federal state and local licenses, permits and registrations are required. You must obtain all the necessary permits before you open for business—or face steep penalties. You also have to maintain compliance with your licensing requirements or lose it.

Mock Examinations and Testing

  • Our consultants can take you through "Mock Examinations" to make sure your policies and procedures are working as intended. These exams are an excellent way to root out any compliance problems before examiners show up