Michigan has issued an advisory bulletin stating that temporary medical marijuana facilities must cease if the facility does not have a municipal authorization for temporary operations, the facility applied after February 18, 2018, or the facility filed an initial application prior to February 15, 2018, but that did not submit the facility license application for operational approval before June 1, 2018. Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) has indicated that failure to cease operations will impede the applicant’s ability to obtain a medical marijuana license, and the matter will be referred to law enforcement.

Michigan has also extended the temporary Michigan medical marijuana rules until December 15, 2018, which will allow other applicants that are still awaiting formal approval to remain in business. Applicants that submitted an application prior to February 18, 2018 and the facility license application before June 1, 2018, or approved applicants that are waiting for a license, will be able to continue operations through December 15, 2018. Without the extension, these medical marijuana facilities would be forced to shut their doors.

ADVISORY BULLETIN: September Emergency Rules: Temporary Operation and Transition


The California Senate unanimously passed AB 2402 Cannabis: personal information.  Under the bill, the federal government will face additional barriers if it tries to obtain information about marijuana buyers without their consent. The bill protects consumer information by prohibiting retailers and other licensees from sharing information about the buyer with a 3rd party unless it is obtaining payment for cannabis products, the consumer agrees that the information can be shared, or the information is shared with the State of California for official purposes.  The bill also offers additional data protection for medicinal marijuana clients by clarifying that identification cards are considered to be medical information as defined by the Confidentiality of Medical Information Act.