California Bans THC and CBD Infused Alcohol: Blue Moon THC Line OK?

California’s Governor signed a new law that prohibits an entity holding a liquor license from manufacturing, selling or offering of an alcoholic beverage that contains THC or CBD . The new law also prohibits marijuana dispensaries from offering alcoholic beverages infused with cannabis or cannabis products, even if derived from hemp. California banned cannabis infused alcohol due to the lack of research on the physical effects of combining alcohol and cannabis.

The sale of Blue Moon’s proposed THC line of infused non-alcoholic beer by marijuana dispensaries should be ok if it contains at least one-half of 1 percent or more of alcohol by volume. Bars and restaurants will still not be able to offer this beverage under the new law.

California’s new law is a narrower than a similar bill that has been introduced in Michigan. The Michigan bill appears to prohibit the manufacturing, sale and possession of THC or CBD infused alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer.



In a flurry of activity, the California Legislature passed twenty-one cannabis bills in the last weeks prior to the end of the regular session on August 31st. The Legislature has presented Governor Jerry Brown with fifteen (15) bills for him to either sign or veto.  An additional six (6) bills will be presented to the governor following the engrossment process.

The scope of the bills passed by the California Legislature in the last couple of weeks of August has been monumental.  The bills address important and meaningful issues raised by constituents.  The highlights include the state driven expungement of marijuana convictions; compassionate care programs that permit the donation of cannabis products to individuals in need; the ban of cannabis in alcoholic beverages; the protection of personal data from the federal government; the expansion in industrial hemp cultivation; restricted provisioning of marijuana to animals;  equitable expansion of the cannabis industry; and the administration of cannabis on to children on schoolsites.

The following fifteen (15) bills were presented to the governor for his signature.  The links below provide the summary article and the final bill text.

The following six (6) bills are being enrolled and will be presented to the governor shortly. The links below provide the summary article and the final bill text.


Michigan's House passed a first reading of SB 969 that would ban the use, possession or sale of alcoholic or non-alcolohic beer and wines that contain any amount of marihuana including CBD. The bill was introduced and passed by the Senate in May. Under the bill,  Michigan breweries and wineries would be prohibited from producing adult beverages, including non-alcoholic beer and wine, that contain THC or CBD. Supporters of the bill believe that marijuana infused alcohol will increase the liability of bartenders and bar owners. A person may not feel the effects of the marihuana right away, which would prevent the bartender from being able to assess whether an individual is visibly intoxicated.  Opponents to the bill believe that the legislature is attempting to solve a problem before it exists, and prevents Michigan from remaining competitive in the beer and wine industries.  Opponents to the bill also note that Blue Moon beer will release three marijuana infused non-alcoholic beverages in Colorado later this year.  They also note that the government of Ontario, Canada has entered into a partnership with an adult beverage company to produce a non-alcoholic beer that is produced entirely from marijuana.

The California legislature also recently passed legislation that would ban the production and sale of marijuana infused alcohol. The governor should be receiving AB-2914 Cannabis in Alcoholic Beverages for his signature shortly. Unlike the Michigan bill, California does not ban the use or possession of alcohol that is infused with marijuana.  

California Legislature Bans Production and Sale of Cannabis Infused Alcohol


California is closer to banning the sale of alcoholic beverages that contain cannabis products or CBD by a licensed cannabis or alcohol establishment, including those that are produced from industrial hemp. The California Senate passed the third reading of AB-2914 Cannabis in alcoholic beverages, which amends existing law.  The bill will also prohibit the manufacture or sale of any alcoholic beverage if it contains tetrahydrocannabinol or cannabinoids.   Failure to comply with the new law could result in the suspension or revocation of any licenses.