Medical Marijuana Patient

Florida's New Law Let's You Roll Your Own Marijuana Rx

The Florida Legislature has passed a bill that will allow Floridians who qualify for medical marijuana to smoke pot. The bill has been presented to Governor DeSantis for his signature. The bill expands the definition of medical use to allow persons to possess and smoke pot. To obtain pot for smoking, a doctor must provide documentation for Florida state that the benefits the patient receives from smoking marijuana outweigh the risks. The bill also requires the Board of Medicine and the Board of Osteopathic Medicine to adopt rules that outline the standards for doctors who prescribe marijuana for smoking by July 2021. This rulemaking exercise might be superfluous given that the Florida Legislature also introduced a recreational marijuana legalization bill today.

Iowa: Legal Sale of Hemp CBD Starts December 1st: Available Only in Medical Dispensaries

Iowan medical marijuana patients can purchase CBD from a medical cannabidiol dispensary starting December 1, 2018. Iowa passed House File 524 in 2017, which established the Medical Cannabidiol Act. The Act authorized the creation of the Medical Cannabidiol Board to oversee the licensing and operations of two (2) cannabidiol processors and five (5) dispensaries. Medical cannabidiol must have less than .3% THC. The Act limits the sale of CBD products, including hemp based CBD, to qualifying patients that hold a registration card. A person must have one of a limited number of debilitating medical conditions, including a terminal illness, to qualify for medical CBD in Iowa.


Michigan issued guidance on the permitted registration status of employees and licensees as either a registered primary caregiver or a registered medical marijuana patient.  Processor and grower licensees and employees, and employees of secured transporters, may  be registered medical marijuana patients, but they are not permitted to be registered primary caregivers. Licensees and investors of secured transporters may be neither a registered primary caregiver or a registered medical marijuana patient. Primary caregivers agree to assist a medical marijuana patient with use of marijuana including acquisition, possession, cultivation, manufacture, use, internal possession, delivery, transfer, or transportation of marijuana or paraphernalia.  A registered primary caregiver must withdraw his / her registration when they become employed by a processor, grower or secure transporters.  Examiners may request evidence of withdrawal upon request.