License Fee

Washington Seeks to Cover Regulatory Costs with Huge Increases to Hemp Registration Fees

The Washington Department of Agriculture has published a proposal to significantly increase fees for growers, processors, marketers and seed distributors in order to cover the costs or overseeing the industrial hemp pilot program. The regulator hopes to raise enough fees to become self funded. The Department of Agriculture has yet to indicate when the comment period will close or if a public hearing will be scheduled.

A summary of the fee increases include:

  • A single grower or processor/marketer license fee will increase from $300 to approximately $7,500

  • A combination (grower and processor/marketer license fee will increase from $300 to approximately $14,500

  • A seed distributor license fee increasing from $300 to approximately $7,500

  • Reducing the application fee for a combination (grower and processor) license from $800 to $450

Interested businesses should file a comment letter with the Department of Agriculture at the address below.

Submitting Written Comments:

Send written comments using one of the following:

By mail:
Henri Gonzales, Agency Rules Coordinator
Washington State Dept. of Agriculture
PO Box 42560
Olympia, WA 98504-2560

By fax: (360) 902-2092
By e-mail:


The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis board requested public comment on two rule proposals by October 3, 2018.  The rule proposals implement legislative changes that occurred during 2017 and 2018 sessions, and incorporate technical changes (links below).

During 2018, the Washington State legislature enacted the following laws:

  • Financial Services.  The law states that financial service providers are not violating Washington law by entering into financial transactions (i.e., deposits, extending credit, conducting funds transfers, transporting cash) with commercial cannabis businesses.  

  • Marijuana Product Container Labels - Business Information.  The law mandates the placement of labels on marijuana containers that contain the unified buisiness identifier number of the marijuana producer and processor.  

  • Use of Cannaboid Additives in Marijuana Products.  The law provides that marijuana producers and processors that use a cannaboid additive in marijuana products must obtain the cannaboid additive product from a licensed producer or processor unless the CBD product has (1) less a THC level of 0.3 percent or less on a dry weight basis, and (2) been lawfully tested for contaminants and toxins.

2018 Cannabis Legislation Implementation Rules

During 2017, the Washington State legislature enacted the following laws:

  • Marijuana Lock Boxes.  The law allows retail outlets to provide customers with a free marijuana lock box.  The retail outlet cannot use the lock box as an inducement for a sale.

  • Sanitary Processing of Edibles.  The law provides the Department of Agriculture with authority to regulate the sanitary processing of edibles.

  • Marijuana License Fee.  The law imposes a $480 additional fee to license applications and renewals. The fee is being used to pay for the traceability system.

  • Various Changes.  The law contains amendments that address privileges for research licenses, local authority notifications, the retail licensing merit-based application process, certain transfers of plants and seeds, licensing agreements and contracts, advertising, and jurisdictional requirements.

2017 Cannabis Legislation and Technical Housekeeping Rules