Wisconsin Bill Clarifies Gun Rights for Medical Marijuana Users

The Wisconsin Senate introduced a bill that clarifies the gun rights for persons who are medical marijuana patients. Firearm dealers must receive clearance from the US Department of Justice (DOJ) prior to selling a gun in order to prevent a sale to persons who are prohibited from owning a gun under federal or state law.

The bill prohibits the DOJ from considering a persons participation in the Wisconsin medical marijuana program when conducting a search to determine if a person is prohibited from possessing a firearm. The legislation would also prohibit the Department of Health Services from disclosing the persons who participate in the medical marijuana program to any federal agency.

Wood County, Wisconsin Authorized Medical Marijuana Referendum Questions on April 2, 2019 Ballot

The Board of Supervisors in Wood County, Wisconsin passed Resolution 19-1-1 to add medical marijuana referendum questions to the April 2, 2019 ballot. The referendum questions are intended to see whether the public is interested in legalizing medical marijuana for individuals older than 21 and whether they believe marijuana should be taxed like alcohol.