New Nevada Law Requires Disclosure Marijuana Business Information: 16 Applicants Received 61 Licenses

Governor Steve Sisolak signed a new law into effect that requires the state to publicly disclose an extensive amount of information about marijuana businesses. The law requires the state to disclose the names of the businesses, their principals and the applicant scores. The law also requires the state to disclose information regarding the most recent license allocation process.

The information reveals that 16 organizations received 61 licenses. 53% of the awardees did not previously own a dispensary, and 59% had a person who qualified the applicant organization as a diversity applicant. The state also revealed that contractors or consultants were used to score the applicants for licensing purposes. This obviously raises concerns about the independence of the consultants, and absence of conflicts of interests including those following the allocation process. The state should consider revising this process ahead of the next open application process.

Information released regarding marijuana businesses includes:

  • Names of current owners of marijuana establishments. 

  •  Information regarding the evaluators of the license applications. 

  • The use of state contractors for license application evaluation. 

  • The tools contractors used to evaluate applications.

  • Methods contractors employed to evaluate applications.

  • Companies that applied for licenses.

  • Names of owners, officers and board members that applied. 

  • Who was awarded licenses and who was not.

  • Applicant scores.

The information from the September - December retail store process if provided below.

Retail Dispensary licenses Available: 64

Application period: 10 days

Evaluation & scoring period: 90 days

Number of applications received: 462

Number of applicants: 127

Number of jurisdictions: 17

Number of applicants awarded licenses: 17

Number of conditional licenses awarded: 61

Awardees with diversity in ownership, officers or board members 59%

Awardees that didn't previously have a dispensary 53%

Nevada Introduces Bill to Create a Marijuana Bank

The Nevada Legislature has introduced a bill that would establish a marijuana credit union or charter bank. The marijuana bank will primarily allow special purpose checks to be issued for the payment of state taxes, rent and operational expenses. The bank would be a bare bones alternative to storing money under the mattress.

Some interesting highlights from the bill include:

  • The bank’s board will be responsible for finding safe ways for broker-dealers and investment advisers to buy and hold cannabis investments for customers.

  • A banking license costs $10,000 and is not transferable.

  • The bank accounts are not required to be insured by the FDIC.

  • The bank may cash a check for a non-customer if the check was issued by the bank, and it was issued for an approved purpose (ie, taxes, operational expenses, rent).

Cannabis Regulatory Meeting Tracker 03/04/2019: 15 Meetings Today in California, Colorado, Nevada, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Utah

There are fifteen (15) meetings today in California, Colorado, Nevada, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Utah. The big meeting today is in Colorado. Colorado’s House Finance Committee will hold a hearing on a bill that will allow publicly traded companies to own licensed cannabis companies.

California: City Of San Rafael: Authorizing Cannabis Businesses
California: West Hollywood: Ordinance Related To Temporary Cannabis Uses
Colorado Legislature: House Finance: HB19-1090: Publicly Licensed Marijuana Companies
Colorado: Denver Special Issues Marijuana
Nevada Legislature: Senate Health And Human Services: SB228 Revises Provisions Relating To Marijuana And Industrial Hemp. (BDR 54-180)
Massachusetts: Lowell Planning Board Site Plan Review: Marijuana Cultivation Facility
Massachusetts: City Of Lunenburg: Recreational Marijuana Regulations
Massachusetts: City Of Northampton: Community Outreach Meeting: Marijuana Product Manufacturer
Michigan: Village Of Douglas: Amendments To Medical Marihuana Regulations Related To Camera Storage
Michigan: City Of Reed: Proposed Ordinance To Prohibit Marihuana Establishments
North Dakota Legislature: Senate Agriculture: SB 2184 Relating To The Definition Of Allied Health Care Professional And Health Care Provider With Respect To Workers' Compensation Claims And Benefits.
Pennsylvania: Manor Township: Ordinance On Marijuana Possession
Pennsylvania: City Of Philadelphia: Referenda On Adult Use Cannabis Legalization
Utah Legislature: House Business And Labor Committee: SCR007 - Concurrent Resolution Urging Legal Medical Cannabis Banking
Utah Legislature: House Health And Human Services Committee: SB0161S03 - Medical Cannabis Act Amendments

Cannabis Regulatory Meeting Tracker 02/26/2019: 32 Meetings Today in Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania

There are thirty-two (32) meetings today in Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Links to the meeting details and agendas are provided below.

Alaska: Anchorage Assembly: Special Land Use Permits: Retail Marijuana Sales & Cultivation Facility
California: Berkeley City Council Meeting: Proposed Location For Cannabis Retailer
California: Humboldt County Board Of Supervisors: Threatened Litigation Regarding Cannabis Permits
California: Los Angeles City Council: Amendments To Cannabis Regulations
California: City Of Lynwood: Variance To Reduce Required Distance Of Cannabis Facility
California: County Of Mendocino: Cannabis Temporary License Extensions
California: City Of Pleasant Hill: Cannabis Ordinance Amendment
California: City Of Sacramento: Law And Legislation Committee Meeting
California: Santa Rosa: City Council Meeting: Appeal Of Cannabis Policy Subcommittee Determinations
California: City Of Santa Rosa: Use Permit For Adult Use Cannabis Retail And Delivery Business
California: Yolo County Board Of Supervisors: Ordinance To Regulate Cannabis Businesses
Colorado: City Of Carbondale: Renewal Of Retail Marijuana Infused Product Manufacturing License
Colorado: Chaffee County Planning Commission: Medical / Retail Marijuana In The Industrial Zone
Colorado: Glenwood Springs Planning & Zoning Commission: Amendment To Marijuana Regulations
Colorado: City Of La Plata: New Retail Marijuana Cultivation Facility License
Connecticut: Medical Marijuana Commission: Additional Qualifying Conditions
Illinois Legislature: Criminal Committee Hearing: HB0049 CRIM ID-IMMEDIATE EXPUNGE
Maine: Augusta Planning Board: Workshop On Medical Marijuana Business Zoning
Maine: Town Of Richmond: Approval To Open And Medical Marijuana Store And Wellness Center
Massachusetts: Cannabis Advisory Board Meeting
Massachusetts: Carver Planning Board: Recreational Marijuana Establishment Regulations
Massachusetts: Falmouth Planning Board: Zoning Bylaw Relating To Marijuana Treatment Centers
Massachusetts: City Of Lenox: Zoning Bylaw To Allow And Regulate Marijuana Establishments
Massachusetts: City Of Marshfield: Variance For Recreational Cannabis Dispensary
Massachusetts: City Of Wayland: Amend Marijuana Establishment District
Michigan: Athens Township Planning Commission: Zoning Regulations For Marijuana
Michigan: Kimball Township Planning Commission: Ordinance To Repeal Medical Marihuana Ordinance & Prohibit Marihuana Establishments
Nevada: Las Vegas: Zoning Code To Allow Marijuana Dispensary Use In The Town Center
New Hampshire Legislature: Environment & Agriculture: HB459 Establishing An Industrial Hemp Pilot Program.
New Hampshire Legislature: Health, Human Services And Elderly Affairs: HB364 Permitting Qualifying Patients And Designated Caregivers To Cultivate Cannabis For Therapeutic Use.
New Jersey: New Brunswick: Township Marijuana Ordinance Forum
New York: Town Of Hempstead: Ordinance To Prohibit Recreational Marijuana
Pennsylvania: Beaver Borough: Medical Marijuana Ordinance

Enjoy a CBD Massage or a Marijuana Manicure at a Las Vegas Dispensary

The Nevada Senate introduced a bill, SB 228, that allows a marijuana dispensary to offer spa like services using marijuana and CBD infused products. Under the bill, wellness providers including health care providers, nail technicians, and massage therapists may use marijuana infused or industrial hemp products during a service if it is provided by the client, and if it is recommended to treat a condition. The wellness provider’s client may not ingest or inhale the product.

Cannabis Regulatory Meeting Tracker: 24 Meetings Today in Arkansas, California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, North Dakota and Washington

There are twenty-four (24) meetings today in Arkansas, California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, North Dakota and Washington.

  • Hawaii Legislature will hold a public meeting relating to the production of hemp.

  • Sarosota, Florida will hold a neighborhood workshop on medical marijuana dispensaries.

Arkansas Legislature: Judiciary Committee: Hearing on SB 32 Crimes, Sentencing
California: City of Adelanta: Planning/Parks Commission Meeting: Cannabis Permit Approvals
California: County of Del Norte Planning Commission: Use Permit for Retail Cannabis Operation
California: City of Santa Cruz: Use Permit: Retail Cannabis Store
Florida: City of Sarosota: Neighborhood Workshop: Medical Marijuana Dispensary
Hawaii Legislature: Committee on Agriculture: HB 131  Plan to Monitor and Regulate Hemp Production
Hawaii Legislature: Committee on Public Safety: HB1436 Relating to Pretrial Release
Illinois: Elementary and Secondary: HB0208: Study, and Discussion on the Side Effects of Cannabis
Illinois: Executive Committee: HB0094 Amends the Cannabis Control Act.
Maine: Joint Standing Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety: LD 141 An Act To Promote Highway Safety by Restricting the Use of Marijuana and Possession of an Open Marijuana
Massachusetts: City of Allston: Community Outreach Meeting: Proposed Marijuana Establishment
Massachusetts: City of Charlton: Permit to Operate a Marijuana Cultivation and Production Facility
Massachusetts: City of Haverville: Community Outreach Meeting: Retail Marijuana Establishment
Massachusetts: Provincetown: Community Outreach Meeting: Adult Use Marijuana Establishment
Massachusetts: Town of Seekonk: Regulations to Ensure the Sanitary and Safe Operation 
Massachusetts: Springfield Planning Board: Amendment to Springfield Zoning Ordinance
Massachusetts: Ware Planning Board: Adult Use Licensed Marijuana Establishment
Michigan: Village of Lennon: Ordinance to Prohibit Marihuana Establishments
Nevada: Las Vegas: Business Licenses: Marijuana Cultivation and Production Establishment
North Dakota Legislature: House Judiciary: HB 1393 Domestic Violence
North Dakota Legislature: Senate Judiciary: HB 1113 Definition of Marijuana 
North Dakota Legislature: House Judiciary: HB 1155 Possession of Marijuana and Paraphernalia
Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board: Board Meeting

Cannabis Regulatory Meeting Tracker 02/05/2019: 21 Meetings Today in California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Washington

There are twenty-one (21) meetings today in California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Washington.

South Lake Tahoe, CA, Thomas, OK and Brockton, MA will meet to adopt new regulations that allow cannabis businesses.

Links to the meeting details and agendas are provided below.

California: State Water Board Meeting
California: City of Marysville: Ordinance to Implement a Cannabis Business Tax
California: City of South Lake Tahoe: New Regulations Allowing Cannabis Businesses
Colorado: Garden City: Modify Hours of Operation for Medical Marijuana Centers
Colorado: City of Louisville: Amendments to Medical and Retail Marijuana Businesses
Colorado: City of Montrose: Official Code Regarding Underage Possession of Tobacco / Cannabis
Florida: City of Fanning Springs: Moratorium on Establishment and Operation of Medical Marijuana
Hawaii Legislature: Committee on Public Safety: Bill to Reclassify Low-Level Marijuana Offenses
Hawaii Legislature: Committee on Public Safety: SB 607 Repeals of Criminal Penalties Re: Marijuana
Hawaii Legislature: Committee on Health: HB 37 Medical Cannabis
Hawaii Legislature: Committee on Commerce: SB 1352 Financial Institutions and Industrial Hemp
Massachusetts: City of Brockton: Amendments to Regulation and Zoning of Marijuana
Massachusetts: City of Matapan: Community Outreach Meeting: Marijuana Establishment
Massachusetts: City of Pittsfield: Community Outreach Meeting: Adult Marijuana Retailer
Massachusetts: Pittsfield Community Development Board: Special Permit: Retail Marijuana Dispensary
Michigan: Raisinville Township: Ordinance to Prohibit Marihuana Establishments
Michigan: Tawas City Planning Commission: Prohibition of Marihuana Establishments
Nevada: City of Henderson: Amendments to Marijuana Regulations
Oklahoma: City of Thomas: Zoning Amendment to Permit Marijuana Establishments
Pennsylvania: Manor Township: Work Session to Discuss Potential Marijuana Ordinance
Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board: Board Caucus

Cannabis Regulatory Meeting Tracker 01.12.2019: Sixteen (16) Meetings Today in Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, Nevada, Ohio and Oklahoma

There are sixteen (16) cannabis regulatory meetings being held today in Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, Nevada, Ohio and Oklahoma. Links to the meeting details and agendas are provided below.

Colorado: City of Denver: New Medical Marijuana Center License
Maine: City of Sanford: Application for a Medical Marijuana Production Facility
Massachusetts: Lowell: Community Outreach Meeting: Marijuana Cultivation and Product Manufacturing Facility
Massachusetts: City of Melrose: Amendments to Zoning Ordinance Related to Marijuana Establishments
Massachusetts: City of Millbury: Special Permit: Medical Marijuana Establishment
Massachusetts: City of Plymouth Planning Board: Two Marijuana Retailers
Massachusetts: Town of Winchendon: Community Outreach Meeting Notice: Adult Use Marijuana Cultivation Facility
Michigan: Addison Township: Ordinance to Prohibit Marihuana Establishments
Michigan: Dewitt Charter Township: Prohibit Marihuana Facilities
Michigan: City of Grand Ledge: Prohibition of Marihuana Establishments
Michigan: Village of Hesperia: Medical Marihuana Facilities Ordinance
Michigan: City of Lyon: Amendment to Definition of Marijuana Establishments

City of Las Vegas: Recommending Committee: Public Comment on Social Use Venue Bill
New Jersey: Avon by the Sea: Zoning Amendments for Selling Medicinal and Recreational Marijuana
Ohio: City of Akron: Conditional Use: Medical Marijuana Processing Facility
Oklahoma: Del City: Special Exception to Permit an Indoor Marijuana Growing Facility

Nevada: Las Vegas to Hold Public Meeting on Monday to Hear Comments on Proposed Social Use Venue Law

At today’s planning commission meeting, the Las Vegas City Council will re-consider a proposal to permit cannabis social use venues in the city . Under current law, consumption of cannabis products must occur within a personal residence. The ordinance would provide a venue for persons to socially consume marijuana. The city expects to issue no more than 10 licenses in the near future. Las Vegas expects to make $50,000 from registration fees in the first year. The proposed ordinance is similar to the social consumption licenses offered in Denver, Colorado that allows persons to bring their own cannabis to a venue for consumption.

The proposed Bill No. 2018-61 would permit a registrant open an establishment where people can socially use marijuana and purchase beer or wine. The social venue may not sell, provide or distribute cannabis products. Nor can the social venue store marijuana products. If alcohol is sold, the proposed bill limits the sale to alcoholic beverages with less than 11% alcohol, the alcohol must be pre-mixed and in its original container.

Las Vegas has also scheduled a meeting on Monday, January 14, 2019 to hear public comments on the proposed ordinance. Interested parties should attend and provide feedback on the city’s plan.

Nevada Bill Increases Number of Available Retail and Medical Marijuana Store Licenses

The Nevada Assembly introduced bill AB3 that allows a city to request an increase in the number of retail and medical marijuana store licenses that may be issued by Nevada’s Department of Taxation. The existing Nevada law limits the number of medical marijuana dispensaries and retail marijuana licenses that the Department of Taxation may issue in a specific county. For example, a Nevada county that has more than 700,000 residents may have up to 40 medical marijuana dispensaries and 80 retail marijuana stores. Existing law also prohibits a local government for approving the issuance of more than 25 percent of the medical marijuana licenses in a county unless the county increases the total number of licenses. The proposed legislation would allow an incorporated city of county to request additional medical or retail store licenses from the Department of Taxation.