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Massachusetts: City of Melrose: Amendments to Zoning Ordinance Related to Marijuana Establishments

Notice is hereby given that the Board of Aldermen and the Planning Board will hold a joint public hearing in the Aldermanic Chamber, City Hall, 562 Main Street, Melrose, on January 14, 2019 at 8:30 PM on a proposal from the Planning Board to amend the Melrose Zoning Ordinance to add Section 235-73.4 entitled Marijuana Establishments to establish provisions to open and operate such uses in Melrose. The proposal also includes amending Section 235-5 to define the uses and redefine Registered Marijuana Dispensaries, Section 235-16.1 to exempt the uses from Site Plan Review; Section 235-17 to include the uses in the Table of Uses and Parking Regulations; and Section 235-61 to identify the Planning Board as the Special Permit Granting Authority. The amendment would permit Marijuana Retailers in the BB, I and I-A zoning districts, allow for no more than two Marijuana Retailers to be in operation at any one time and allow other marijuana-related uses in the BA, BA-1, BA-2, BB, BB-1, BC, BD, and I zoning districts, all by Special Permit, and does not change the allowable districts for Registered Marijuana Dispensaries.