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Oregon: City of Ontario Planning Commission: Amend Land Development Code to Allow Certain Marijuana Operations


Notice is hereby given that the City of Ontario Planning Commission will meet at 7:00 p.m. On Monday, October 8, 2018 in the City Council Chambers at Ontario City Hall, 444 SW 4th Street, Ontario, Oregon to form a recommendation on the following matter. Further, the City Council at its regular meeting beginning at 7:00 P.M. in the Council Chambers of City Hall on Tuesday October 16, 2018 will consider the following matter as a recommendation from the Planning Commission and make the final determination on the issue.

ACTION 2018-08-15ZCA: A request by the City of Ontario to amend the city substantive regulations for land development code, Title 10A Ontario Municipal Code, to allow certain Marijuana related operations and activities in certain zones under a Conditional Use Permit and prohibit them in other zones. THIS ACTION IS NOT TO DETERMINE IF THE BAN OF MARIJUANA OPERATIONS AND ACTIVITIES WILL BE LIFTED, THAT WILL BE DECIDED BY THE VOTE OF THE CITIZENS IN NOVEMBER.

The decision will be formed on procedural requirements for hearings as set forth in Titles 10A and 10B of the City of Ontario Municipal Code, Title 10.

Information submitted by the applicant and the City staff report may be viewed at the Community Development Center, 458 SW 3rd St, Ontario, copies may be obtained at reasonable cost.

Comments on any or all of these matters may be submitted in writing to the Planning Division at the Ontario Community Development Center, 458 SW 3rd Street by 5:00 pm on the date of the hearing. Written or oral testimony may be given at the hearing. Failure to raise an issue in person or in writing at the hearing with sufficient specificity to allow the decision maker an opportunity to respond to the issue precludes appeal to the Land Conservation & Development


Inquiries may be directed to: Dan Cummings, Planning Administrator, Community Development Center,
458 SW 3rd Street, Ontario, OR, 97914, or by phone at (541) 881-3222.

Legal Number - 79930
Publication Date: September 25, 2018