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Massachusetts: Fairhaven Planning Board: Zoning Bylaw Amendment - Consolidated Marijuana Zoning

  • Banquet Room, Town Hall 40 Center Street Fairhaven, MA, 02719 United States (map)

Fairhaven Planning Board
Thursday, November 1, 2018 at 6:30 pm
Banquet Room, Town Hall, 40 Center Street
Fairhaven, Massachusetts

The Fairhaven Planning Board will hold a public hearing to hear comments from the public and vote on the following proposed amendments to the Fairhaven Zoning Bylaws for the November 13, 2018 Special Town Meeting Warrant, as well as any proposed petitioned articles concerning land use or development.

1) Zoning Bylaw Amendment — Consolidated Marijuana Zoning The proposed zoning bylaw amendment provides for the safe and deliberate implementation of the recreational marijuana law that both protects the health and safety of Fairhaven residents and property owners, and respects the majority of Fairhaven voters who approved the ballot question, by imposing reasonable safeguards on the operation of marijuana establishments. This zoning will encompass and replace the existing medical marijuana zoning (§198-29.7 Marijuana Establish ments), properly add the formerly approved medical marijuana district to the zoning bylaw which was previously and inadvertently left out (§198-14 Establishments of Districts), and includes additions to the definitions section (§198-33, Definitions and Word Use) and changes to the use table (§198-16 Use Regulation Schedule).

2. Zoning Bylaw Amendment: Town-wide Moratorium on Adult Use Marijuana The proposed zoning amendment would extend the existing moratorium on adult use marijuana, which is due to expire on December 31, 2018, to June 30, 2019.

3. Zoning Bylaw Amendment: The Rezoning of a Portion of the Rogers School Site The proposed zoning amendment would rezone a portion of the Rogers School parcel containing the historic school, and not the playground parcel, from the Single Residence (RA) zoning district to the Apartment/ Multi-family (RC) zoning district, in order to accommodate a redevelopment proposal that would restore the historic portion of the Rogers School and provide a total of 14 condominium dwelling units. The zone change would affect 56,207 sf of the 71,750 sf total parcel area, Assessor's Map 8, Parcel 9.

4. Street Acceptance:Doane Court This article is for the acceptance of Doane Court, a Planning Board approved subdivision way, from the intersection of James Street to Doane Court cul-de-sac, a distance of 400 feet eastward, more or less.

Copies of the proposed bylaws and street acceptance application listed in this hearing notice are available for public inspection at the Office of Planning & Economic Development, Fairhaven Town Hall, 40 Center Street, Fairhaven, MA.

Gloria McPherson, Director, Department of Planning & Economic Development
10/18/18, 10/25/18